More than 1200 New Tenders Issued for Pisgat Ze'ev and Ramot

The ongoing East Jerusalem settlement surge continues.  Today (November 6, 2012 — the same day as presidential elections in the United States), the Israel Land Authority published tenders for the construction of an additional 1213 residential units in East Jerusalem settlements.

These tenders were issued for construction of:

  • 607 units in Pisgat Zeev (Town Plan 11647).  The tenders (in Hebrew) can be viewed here and here.
  •  606 units in Ramot (Town Plan 6576).  The tenders (in Hebrew) can be viewed herehere, and here.

Both of the sites where the new units are to be built are beyond the footprint of existing construction in Ramot and Pisgat Ze’ev. A map of showing the locations of the newly tendered construction is available here.

These 1213 units constitute more than a 2% increase in the total number of units built in East Jerusalem since 1967 – all in a single day. The units just today constitute more than twice the numbers of residential units built for Palestinians with any kind of government assistance since 1967.

So far in 2012, tenders have been issued for the construction of 2366 new settler units in East Jerusalem. This number is more than twice the size of the total number of units built in the previous three years combined (in 2009-2011, tenders were issued for 1145 new East Jerusalem settlement units).

These tenders come on the heels of recent approvals in Har HomaEast Talpiot,  Gilo and on the Mount of Olives