New Construction Approved in Har Homa

The Licensing Subcommittee of the Jerusalem Municipal Planning Committee today approved building permits for the construction of 77 new residential units in Har Homa B, under Plan 7509A. A map showing the location of the approved new units is available here.

These are “residual units” units – that is, construction for which tenders were awarded at some time in the past by the Israel Land Authority (the precise date they were awarded is unknown), part of a broader plan for construction of 2653 units in Har Homa B, most of which have already been tendered and awarded. Once the formal permit documents for the additional 77 units are issued, construction can commence. This should be a matter of no more than weeks.

This approval comes on the heels of approvals in recent days for settlement construction in East Talpiot, Giloand on the Mount of Olives