Final approval of the Old City Aerial Cable Car plan

On November 4, the government Housing Cabinet approved the Old City cable car plan. Opponents of the plan intends to appeal to the High Court, arguing that a transitional government does not have the authority to approve a plan of that scope.

As we wrote in a previous report, “Both the project itself and the context of its approval – celebrating the “reunification” of the city in a location that is at the core of the tensions between Israel and the Palestinians – are blunt statements that Israel is determined to take ownership over Jerusalem holy sites, in total denial of the sensitive nature of the place for faiths other than the Jewish one. And if one may put the geopolitics aside for a moment, this is yet another example of the vulgar schemes Disney-fying the Old City and its environs, and now set to destroy the character of its precious skyline.”

To start construction, the government will have to allocate the required funds, which will not be feasible until a government is formed and its budget is approved.

For details about the route and ramifications of the plan, see our previous reports