Jerusalem in the Headlines: Ras al-Amud, Temple Mount, the Barrier, Elad, & Har Homa

Settlers take over part of house Palestinian home in Ras al Amud
The settlers continue to chisel away at the Palestinian presence in areas which they covert. The settlers come armed with money, power and authority; the targeted Palestinians have only their resolve.

Knesset effort to overturn status quo on the Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif
This latest effort is part of the Hebronization of Jerusalem, and poses a very real threat to stability and security for Israel and the region.

Israel closes major crossing in East Jerusalem (cutting off E. J’lem neighborhoods)
The way Israeli authorities periodically seal/open/reopen areas in which Palestinians reside reveals how, in the eyes of many Israeli decision-makers, the Palestinians are merely pawns on an Israeli chess board (expressing shock when the pawns make their own moves):

Court rules settler group’s contract to run City of David is illegal
This is another chapter in the never-ending saga of the settler takeover of Silwan. This successful challenge to the legality of the settler monopoly in Silwan is no small matter. However, by year’s end, a new “sanitized” tender will likely be issued, and the settlers are a shoe-in to win it.

Har Homa tenders draw criticism
There has been a bit of a lull in tenders and approval of new settler schemes during July and August. These Har Homa tenders are an indication that “les vacances” are coming to an end.