Committee for Acceleration of (EJ) Construction to Convene on June 14

On March 8, 2011, the Israeli Cabinet approved a resolution instructing the Minister of Interior to establish sub-committees in the Regional Planning boards geared to fast-track residential construction schemes. For an English summary of the resolution, click here. On March 22, the Jerusalem Regional Planning Committee established the sub-committee. For a Hebrew copy of the resolution click here.
On June 14, the Jerusalem sub-committee for Accelerated Construction will convene for the first time, and expedite the construction of  4212 new residential  units in East Jerusalem: Plan 11085 in Ramot Shlomo (1600 units), Plan 13157 in Mordot Gilo (942 units), Plan 6885 in Mitzpeh Naftoah/Ramot (105 units), Plan 11647 in Pisgat Ze’ev (625 units), and Plan 10310 in Har Homa C (940 units). For a Hebrew copy of the plan’s agenda, click here.
With the sole exception of Mitzpeh Naftoah, these plans have already been placed on the fast track in recent weeks (see our previous update here). This is, however, a very clear and effective declaration of intent regarding accelerated settlement activity in East Jerusalem.
Of the 7,869 units in Jerusalem the construction of which are to be accelerated, 53.5% are beyond the Green Line. For a map of the plans on the June 14 agenda, click here. In this one meeting on June 14,  the sub-committee will expedite the construction of residential units in excess of 8.4% of all units built since 1967. All of these plans expand the existing footprint of the built-up areas of the existing settlement neighborhoods. Of particular interest is Plan 11085 for 1600 new units in Ramot Shlomo. When the approval of the Plan during the March 2010 visit of Vice President Biden created a major diplomatic incident, Israel gave assurances that the Plan would not be expedited. Today, the Planning Committee is doing just that – fast-tracking the Plan for final approval and implementation.