April Surge in East Jerusalem Construction Plans

In April, there has been an unprecedented surge in the approval processes of new town plans for Israeli construction in East Jerusalem. On April 4, the Mordot Gilo South Plan 13261 for the construction of 942 units was approved by the Jerusalem Municipality, and was immediately places on the April 12 agenda of the Regional Planning Committee. On April 14, the Regional Planning Committee was to have conducted hearings on the Har Homa C Plan 10390, for 983 units, and Pisgat Zev Plan 11647, for 625 units. Under instructions of the Prime Minister, and in anticipation of the now cancelled April 15 Quartet meeting, these three plans were taken off the agenda, the latter two rescheduled for the May 5 Committee meeting. On April 4, the Mordot Gilo West Plan 13157 for 850-900 units was published for public review. In one month, the government took significant steps for the construction of 3400-3450 units in East Jerusalem.

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